Cost Comparisons

I’ve been checking tuition at the kind of private schools Betsy DeVos and others in the Trump cartel choose for their kids. I’ve also been checking per-pupil state expenditures for public schools in the same states. News flash: vouchers based on per-pupil state aid won’t be enough for lower-income parents to send their kids to the rich folks’ private schools of choice. But the vouchers will reduce the tuition bill for the rich kids’ parents. So what happens to the lower-income kids? They continue going to the increasingly cash-strapped public schools. Or they go to one of the for-profit charters that are springing up … many of which are owned by (and paying dividends to) the very same rich folks who are sending their kids to the expensive private schools, which will continue to be free of those pesky poor kids.

So the vouchers wind up effectively being another tax cut for the rich. And another mechanism to keep the downtrodden down.

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